We were founded in 2022 by Patrick Ball and Sophie Musgrove after both overcoming addiction issues stemming back over a decade.

The company was born after noticing a huge problem in the business world, organisations struggle to cope with the stigma around alcoholism and addiction.

Most people can have a healthy relationship with alcohol, but addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can develop a problem at any time.

Only one in five people get the help they need with their alcohol problem.

The other four could be working for you!

We Can Help

17 million working days are lost in the UK due to alcohol misuse alone, that’s 5% of all absences.

Companies have started to put employees through mental health first aid courses, but for many it is merely a tick box exercise.

We want businesses to understand how they can educate employees about alcohol and drug dependence and teach their staff that if they find they have a problem, that they are approachable and show that they want to support the employee.

Addiction In
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Why Choose
Musgrove and Ball?

“Patrick is a reliable and incredibly supportive mental health advocate. He is knowledgeable from a first person perspective and uses his own experience to guide and assist others.

Patrick speaks from the heart which makes him really easy to connect with. It takes tremendous courage to speak openly and honestly and this is an endearing trait that helps Patrick bond with people who are more vulnerable and in need of his advice, guidance and professional help. Its fabulous to see how he has overcome his own problems and channelling his lessons learnt to help others.”

Zoe Brooke
Director at Whitfield & Brown (Developments) Ltd.