Sophie’s Story

Sophie had bariatric surgery in July 2017 after battling an eating disorder going back to her childhood. She had gradually put on weight and after fluctuating for many years, put on a massive amount of weight following the impact of many life changing events including the loss of her father in 2014.

Sophie struggled with her mental health and the grief made her not want to leave the house and she became withdrawn.

In 2017, Sophie made the huge decision to have potentially life changing surgery after deciding she didn’t want to leave her children without a Mum.

Sophie went up to 24 stone, 7 lbs at her peak five years ago. She has gone on to lose 13 and a half stone and works hard on her mental health to make sure she can maintain her healthier lifestyle and doesn’t slip back down the dark road.

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Sophies story

Following her successful surgery, she was warned about cross addiction and the risks of alcohol on post bariatric patients.

Sophie enjoyed her wine as much as the next person but found that she struggled more and more to cope with the after-effects of drink, as well as the feelings that alcohol brought up to do with her grief and previous toxic relationships.

“I made the decision to stop drinking on the 16th of May 2020 after having a fractious relationship with alcohol.

Drink always exacerbated my problems and although I’m not an alcoholic or addict like Patrick, I hated the impact alcohol had on my life.”

Sophies story

“The relief of not waking up hungover, feeling rough or trying to piece together the night before is an amazing feeling.

Seeing first hand how drink impacted on the whole family through living with an alcoholic is the other reason I have chosen to never drink again.

It’s the best decision I ever made”.

Sophie has built up a successful beauty business in Nottingham but is passionate about helping others struggling with any form of addiction. She wanted to set up Musgrove and Ball because she believes that their story could help thousands of other normal people who suddenly become impacted by the progression of addictive behaviours.

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