Eating Disorders

Sophie Musgrove

Sophie had bariatric surgery in July 2017 after battling an eating disorder going back to her childhood. She put on weight following the impact of many life-changing events including the loss of her father in 2014.

“You’re not going to see your children grow up”

In 2017, Sophie made the huge decision to have potentially life-saving surgery after deciding she didn’t want to leave her children without a Mum.

Sophie went up to 24 stone, 7 lbs at her peak and has gone on to lose 13 stone.

Following her successful surgery, she was warned about cross addiction and the risks of alcohol on post bariatric patients.

Sophie was battling her own problems whilst living with an alcoholic and after helping Patrick turn his life round in 2019, decided to stop drinking alcohol after realising she was part of the Mummy wine culture and had a bad relationship with drink.

Sophie Musgrove is our speaker on Eating Disorders
Sophie Musgrove delivering a presentation on Eating Disorders

Sophie shares her powerful story to help businesses understand eating disorders in the workplace, Mummy wine culture and what it’s like to live with an alcoholic whilst trying to have a successful career.

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Sophie is a fantastic guest speaker, and very passionate about the work she and her partner do to support others with alcoholism and eating disorders. I took a lot away from the talk she delivered recently and appreciated hearing someone speak open and honestly on the topics.”

Eloise Idoine- Nottingham City Business Club