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“Drinking leads to poor mental health and poor mental health leads to drinking”!

Patrick’s Story

Patrick is a recovering alcohol addict who surrendered to alcohol and drugs on the 29th of July 2019. Something broke inside him at 8am that day after realising the impact that his drinking and drug abuse was having on the family.

Patrick had been awake for five days straight on a cocaine and alcohol fuelled binge that resulted in him realising his life was unmanageable.


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Sophie’s Story

Sophie had bariatric surgery in July 2017 after battling an eating disorder going back to her childhood. She had gradually put on weight and after fluctuating for many years, put on a massive amount of weight following the impact of many life changing events including the loss of her father in 2014.

Sophie struggled with her mental health and the grief made her not want to leave the house and she became withdrawn.


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The Team