“Patrick’s presentation to our team on the challenges of addiction in the workplace using his own personal story was eye opening and helped support our business in breaking the stigma with regards to talking about addiction. I can tell Patrick is truly passionate about supporting people with addiction and creating a safe space to discuss a topic that is not widely spoken about. I would recommend his presentation to anyone, from any industry that is looking to build a more inclusive and trusting culture.”

Krishin Lawson
Site Leader- Crane Company

“Many thanks to Patrick for sharing his experience & personal challenges with alcohol/drugs, with our site teams.

Whilst as an Industry we have come a long way with our understanding and support for mental health topics, this is one area that we need to start a conversation on…the ‘hidden problem’ of alcohol and drug addiction. Musgrove and Ball have helped us start our journey…

Whilst we operate D&A screening (and will continue to do so) we have to accept that the real percentage tested is low. Ideally, we need to work towards a culture where a) the workforce feel they can step forward when they are struggling and receive the necessary support and b) our managers/supervisors know the signs to look out for and understand how to approach any individual involved – again leading to support.

This can only be achieved by individuals having the confidence that it will be dealt with sensitively and appropriately. And, this needs to begin with trust…

The goal is to operate safer sites and reduce the potential risk to the individuals themselves and others around them.

I would recommend others to listen to Musgrove and Ball and have the courage to take the next step…”

Ian Dovey
HSQE Director- Sweet projects

“Thoroughly recommend Musgrove and Ball. Patrick really helped us with his powerful storytelling from a first-person perspective, it really resonated with our people and it initiatives good dialogue, that’s the most important first step, opening conversations about a difficult topic.”

John Harvey
Group EHS Manager – Crane Company

“Patrick ran a fantastic keynote and workshop for Hallam. The workshop in particular was great as it was aimed at enabling our managers to spot where to identify and help those that may be struggling with addiction.

The workshop gave actionable recommendations and also inspired us to create more parity at our company events for those that do and don’t want to drink alcohol.”

Jon Martin
Operations Director- Hallam

“Patrick delivers his message from personal experiences and tailored the sessions to our part of the industry. The sessions, presentation and messages are relatable to us all in one way or another. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Patrick to any business, in any industry.”

Simon Clare
Head of Operations- Balfour Beatty

“We were lucky enough to have Patrick with us last week for a safety forum, his story and the way Patrick delivered it got a really powerful message across to our delegates. The feedback since the event is in my opinion a true measure of the impact and everyone is still talking about it and wanting to discuss the topics raised.”

Graham Barton
Area Tree Manager- UK Power Networks

“Patrick was an absolute pleasure to deal with from initial contact, right through to the day, his story and the impact on the audience exceeded my expectations.

Certainly value will be gained from Musgrove and Ball’s offerings for all types of businesses and persons.

Very much challenging the narrative and perspective on how matters of drugs, alcohol use and addictions are being currently seen and dealt with.”

Martin Law
Head of HSEQ- Winvic Construction

“We recently had the pleasure of hosting two engaging sessions delivered by Patrick Ball from Musgrove and Ball, Addiction in the workplace where Patrick shared his story on overcoming addiction. The sessions were inspiring and thought-provoking throughout, and I would recommend these sessions, especially for the corporate sales community.”

Tracy Purser
Safety, Health & Facilities Manager- Ideagen

“I had the pleasure to meet with Patrick at a recent AtkinsRealis Stand Down Day. Patrick delivered a presentation on his life story which I hadn’t anticipated.

It was his “Life Story” although I would say, “Its back from the brink”

Having worked in engineering for 50 years, starting in the steel industry in South Wales and power engineering throughout the UK with CEGB and Nuclear Power to the corporate world in Canary Wharf, many years ago, I remember seeing cleaning staff wipe the cocaine from the cisterns (that’s another story!) from night traders….so I’ve seen some of life’s tragedies, however, Patricks presentation brought me to tears.

Patrick had the audience engaged throughout, he never lost them for a second!

He tells the story from an age of about twelve years of age to present day, with anecdotes of the corporate world of a successful salesman, winning national awards to homelessness, intertwined with periods of drinking and drug abuse…..

Losing everything, to rebuilding a successful business is truly awe inspiring and marks Patrick’s ability to step back from the brink, reflect, find inner strength and start again.

If you get a chance to attend one of Patrick’s presentations, please do so, you won’t be disappointed, or if you think this would be an ideal opportunity to address some of the hidden aspects within a workforce, you could well contact Musgrove and Ball and make a booking yourself.”

Martin Lloyd
Head of HSQE- RJ Power Group

“Excellent speaker who presents with passion and honesty. Thoroughly recommend having Patrick along for his insight into addiction in the workplace.”

Lesley Foster
Senior Health & Safety Manager- Sodexo

“At AtkinsRealis, we had the pleasure of inviting Patrick from Musgrove and Ball to attend the AtkinsRealis Safety Standup for the Feltham Phase 3/4&5 and the level Crossing projects. What can i say words are not enough to understand the depths of pain and self-destruction that Patrick went through along with his family. And to hear that story brought tears to many individuals that attended. And when finished you could hear a pin drop. This is one of the most inspirational speakers that i have had the pleasure to attend. I cannot encourage you enough to engage with Patrick from Musgrave and Ball and hear his story.”

Daren Gardner
Project HSE Manager- Atkinsrealis

“Patrick delivered an excellent and thought-provoking session to our team. Challenging perceptions, changing thinking and motivating actions point to take away.

A vital tool on an important subject, in and out of the workplace.

In the workplace, this is an area not just left to employee relations at times of crisis – there’s a huge role for DE&I, employee engagement, culture, mental health, physical health & wellbeing to step up to!

Definitely one for the DE&I and culture agenda!”

Darren Dighton
People Partner- WPP