James Bateman

James has over 30 years of lived experience of being neurodivergent and over 10 years of working with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Neurodivergent conditions.

His extensive experience in neurodivergent conditions evidenced by his work as founder of JB Neurological, equips him with valuable skills applicable in the workplace.

Research shows that around 40% of the workforce are neurodiverse, whether that’s the 20% that are diagnosed, or the 20% who are estimated to be undiagnosed.

We will help businesses understand what provisions need to be put in place for workers and how managers can get the most out of their team members with conditions such as ADHD, which in turn will help more people have the courage to come forward if they are struggling.

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James Bateman is our speaker on Neurodiversity

“It is a thrill to be working with James Bateman. James’ incredible empathy and depth of experience inspires me”.

Gary Coulton- Neurodiversity Focus CIC