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Bringing employers and employees closer together by building a culture of trust!

Musgrove and Ball want to change the way that addicts and problem drinkers are perceived and treated in the workplace.We visit businesses around the UK and share our story of addiction.

Inspirational Speaker Patrick Ball delivering a presentation to UK Power Networks

Sharing Our Story

Patrick travels around the UK delivering his powerful experiences of life as a high functioning alcoholic addict in the workplace from a first-person view.

The story is one of hiding the problem from family and peers, opening up on the feelings of desperation, losing jobs, struggling alone and finally facing his demons head on.

We go back in time and understand how progressive addiction can be and how life events can take anyone down the wrong path.

It’s not about making everyone stop drinking, it’s about helping people make the life changes to make sure they don’t get to the point where they can never drink again.

Training For Line Managers

We don’t just want to be an amazing eye-opening one-off story, we want to support your business on an ongoing basis should you need us too.

We will hold group sessions and 1-2-1 meetings with members of the senior leadership team and your HR function to look at ways to embrace a healthier culture around alcohol.

Alcohol can play a role in a business when it comes to celebrations, but all businesses should be inclusive for all, non-alcohol-based events and prizes for employees who don’t drink as well as making the staff member feel part of the team.

We will help you analyse your current processes and make suggestions for improvements or simply tell you what a great job you are doing.

Do you have an alcohol or drugs policy?

No? We can point you in the right direction using our UK leading regulated drug and alcohol testing partner.

We offer monthly or quarterly ongoing support depending on your requirements where we can talk through options such as gym schemes, insurances and EAP’s.

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Aftercare for employers

Aftercare For Staff

There are always employees that want to speak with us following the session, whether it’s for themselves, a partner or family member, but they won’t always put their hand up in the Q & A.

We stay behind after the session for questions and leave our contact details for any staff that want to contact us over the first 30 days. We signpost employees to the relevant support groups that may suit them depending on personality, problem and location.

Patrick delivered an excellent and thought-provoking session to our team. Challenging perceptions, changing thinking and motivating actions point to take away.

A vital tool on an important subject, in and out of the workplace.

In the workplace, this is an area not just left to employee relations at times of crisis – there’s a huge role for DE&I, employee engagement, culture, mental health, physical health & wellbeing to step up to!

Definitely one for the DE&I and culture agenda!

Darren Dighton
People Partner- VMLY&R

Aftercare for staff
It’s not one size fits all!

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