Why Choose Musgrove and Ball

We have lived and breathed addiction and if you want the best bread, you go to the baker!

Musgrove and Ball are truly unique as we understand first hand the battles employees in addiction face every week in hiding their problem from employer after employer and trying to provide for their family whilst wrestling their demons.

We have an amazing story that will help thousands of businesses over the next few years build a culture of trust with these employees and remove the stigma of alcohol and drug addiction once and for all.

Our passion for helping the business world around the topic of addiction is unmatched.

65% of drug users in the UK are employed and we want to help them realise that there is a way out of active addiction and their employers will support them.

Finally, we understand it’s not one size fits all so we tailor our story around your business and how we can best help you get the message across.

Patrick has worked in Football, Hospitality, Construction, Financial services and for many years in the corporate sales world across multiple sectors.

We tell the story from the point of view of the alcoholic and addict as well as the heart-breaking story of how it impacts on the family members closest to them.

Session With Vitaflo International

“I first met Patrick at an IOSH meeting and was instantly impressed by his passion to use his experience with addiction, for something positive and to help others, especially businesses. He is a warm, friendly and genuine guy and you can’t help but be inspired by his journey and how he has turned his life around.

“I asked Patrick to support our business and share his story following a recent launch of our Alcohol, Drug and Other Substances Policy and the sessions he delivered didn’t disappoint. The session was really engaging, with lots of questions from our people. Musgrove and Ball not only deliver these sessions, but also provide training for Line Managers and ongoing support services for employees who may need it.

“Wishing you, Sophie and the family happiness and health for the future as the business grows from strength to strength.”

Sian Dempsey
SHE Manager- Vitaflo International – Nestlé Health Science Company

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Why choose musgrove and ball